General issues

The work of the project is absolutely legal as well as participation in it.
We are not standing still, and development allows us not to be afraid of force majeure in the work of the project. We are confident in the work of the project and see no reason to fear for your income while working with the project.
If you registered after the start, you can start working with the project right away: open deposits and get profit, receive funds for referral reward. If you registered before the start, wait for the start of the project, invite new participants so that after the start you can start making profit as soon as possible when working with the project.

Deposits, profits and withdrawals

You can open a deposit by following several steps:

1) If you are not registered, then register

2) Enter your personal account

3) Select the "Top up" item from menu

4) Follow the instructions for replenishment
The minimum deposit amount is 10 $
The maximum deposit amount is 300 $
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.05 $
The maximum withdrawal amount is 100000 $

Referral program

Referral program is a program for receiving rewards for inviting new participants to the project. It allows you to receive 5% of the amount of each deposit of the participant you invited.

Technical, security

Yes, the project is completely protected from possible attacks